Letters to the Editor

Parks Miller dedicated to victims

I am writing this letter in support of Stacy Parks Miller, who I have known for almost 19 years. She prosecuted the man who murdered my 18-year-old brother-in-law, Brent Krieg.

Brent was murdered on Dec. 26, 1998. From the beginning, I found Stacy to be a compassionate person with tenacity. My mother-in-law witnessed her own son’s murder. Brent was shot point blank in the head in front of her.

Stacy worked tirelessly to prepare Sherry to testify at the trial. Stacy was very aware how fragile Sherry was. We met with Stacy routinely to prepare for the trial. With Stacy’s guidance and encouragement, Sherry could testify and ultimately, we were able to hear the jury announce a guilty verdict.

Stacy Parks Miller continues to fight for Brent and support our family by helping us block his parole every year. She doesn’t even work in our county anymore. She is kind, and highly dedicated to the victim and their families. I am so blessed to have her on our side. I fully support Stacy; I believe she will continue to fight for all victims of crime and violence.

I hope that sharing our family’s story with you confirms that Stacy Parks Miller deserves your vote. Her years of experience, unending empathy and exceptional attention to detail are all qualities that are essential in a district attorney. Her unyielding drive for justice has been a blessing to us, as that is all we want for Brent.

Melissa Terwilliger, DuBois