Letters to the Editor

Parks Miller proven in courtroom

I was privileged to watch Stacy Parks Miller in action in August 2016 as she prosecuted a man accused of killing his wife.

Parks Miller was nothing less than focused, effective, efficient and more talented in orchestrating an entire trial than anyone I’ve ever seen. She mounted her attack using every single piece of evidence at her disposal. She helped the jury see the truth of each witness’ statement. She found unique yet solid ways to introduce key pieces of evidence and information that was crucial to the conviction of this individual. She saw it all and made sure that the truth came out.

Parks Miller was passionate in her prosecution, left no stone unturned and no question unasked throughout the entire trial. More importantly, she was able to stay focused on the task at hand and see through the defendant’s attempt to explain away his actions as valid. She is a leader, a fighter, and she is dedicated to speaking up against domestic violence. She was able to pick up on discrepancies and tear apart any attempt by the defense to turn the jury. Stacy and her entire team were dedicated, determined, and absolutely relentless in their pursuit of the truth in this awful murder.

I wouldn’t hesitate to trust Stacy with my life ... she’s proven that she’s more competent in the courtroom than any attorney I’ve ever seen. She is absolutely the best person that Centre County could have as their district attorney, bar none.

Alison Althouse, State College