Letters to the Editor

Endorsement of Parks Miller

I am writing this letter in support of Stacy Parks Miller.

I came to know her as I was at a trial for six long days in August 2016. She was the lead prosecutor of the person who murdered my friend, Nuria Hawkins Kudlach, in August 2015.

I committed to going to the trial knowing I would know no one there and unsure of what would happen in the trial, but I wanted to be there as a testament to Nuria and be there each day to show how much she mattered to me and honor the impact her friendship had on me. I experienced domestic violence in my life and Nuria had been there for me years ago. I am now compelled to take action and get involved.

As I sat in the courtroom, I began to see how Parks Miller’s leadership and competence were standing tall as she and her team presented the evidence that told Nuria’s story of who she was and how her life was tragically taken from her in the most heinous of crimes.

This letter is to express how strongly I endorse Stacy Parks Miller. If I were to experience a tragedy like this ever again, I would want Parks Miller and her team to be the prosecutors seeking justice.

Trish Fulcher, State College