Letters to the Editor

Excited by Murphy’s energy, ideas

As a member of the borough council, Dan Murphy will serve State College with his dedication, strong principles and passion for people.

As a fellow Penn State employee, I have had the privilege of working with Dan on many occasions. It has been exciting to watch the way he and his team have transformed the orientation experience at Penn State. Each year, he masterfully assembles a team of individuals who embody his passion and principles, and leads them as they welcome thousands of students to the university. Through his open communication and willingness to accept feedback, his programs are constantly growing, improving, and laying the foundation for each student’s Penn State experience.

His infectious energy and passion for others will allow him to connect on a meaningful level with his community, while also driving the council forward to achieve its goals. Dan’s experience as an administrator at Penn State, and other universities, will lay the groundwork for increased collaboration between State College and Penn State. In addition, his focus on respect, diversity and inclusion will help create a culture of support and growth for the community as a whole. His focus on intentional economic expansion and protection of green spaces will help State College thrive.

As a young professional, and Penn State graduate, living in the State College borough, I am excited by the energy and ideals that Dan Murphy represents. He will serve the borough with his feet on the ground and his eyes looking ever forward.

Drew Lehnerd, State College