Letters to the Editor

‘Our’ next mayor? Black

I call State College “home” even though I haven’t lived there for 40 years. I was born in Bellefonte, as most indigenous “townies” were at the time, grew up on Westerly Parkway and graduated as a Little Lion and a Nittany Lion.

My parents were hard- working people, my father a postal carrier and volunteer Alpha fireman and my mother, a clerk in the Weis Market just down the street. I never wanted to leave my hometown, never thought I had to, but life led me to other destinations where I could pursue my career as a university psychologist and administrator.

When Michael Black and I first met we were colleagues at a university in Cleveland. Even then, I saw in him something that I see today: a man with enduring optimism, inspiring ideas, and an individual with incredible persistence, the kind psychologists call “grit” because it can only come from facing life’s difficulties with the determination to make things better for one’s self and others. Michael has these qualities to give to State College.

He is a genuine individual dedicated to his family and to the shared community values that instill a unique sense of pride in the hearts of the children who live there, so no matter where in the world they may reside, they will still call State College “home.”

For an economically thriving and innovative State College, I hope you will vote for Michael Black as “our” next mayor.

Jes James Sellers, Cleveland