Letters to the Editor

Parks Miller a great asset

I am writing this letter in support of our current district attorney, Stacy Parks Miller.

Stacy Parks Miller has worked effectively as a DA in Centre County and there is no doubt that her exemplary performance as a prosecutor is a reflection of her passion and experience in her position in the DA’s office.

I have seen her multiple times leading prosecutions, but one of the prosecutions that really made an impression upon me was the (Alois) Kudlach case. In this case, Stacy Parks Miller’s compassion for the victims was incomparable, and at the same time her professionalism during the trial was an example of how to pursue fairness while trying to achieve justice in our society when it is violated by a criminal.

I have experience firsthand with Stacy Parks Miller’s outstanding commitment to minorities. After an incident occurred a couple of months ago when a man harassed me and my friends for speaking Spanish in a local restaurant, Stacy Parks Miller promoted and participated in a forum. She advised the audience how to prevent further situations like the one I found myself in, and she described the consequences of harassment.

As a minority, I would like to voice my support for the re-election of Stacy Parks Miller as she is a woman with a true prosecutor’s character, and for her immense dedication to our community. She will not only be a great DA, but also a great asset for us all.

Salua Kamerow, State College