Letters to the Editor

Vote Murphy for Borough Council

I’m writing in support of Dan Murphy’s candidacy for State College Borough Council. Dan has been my friend and colleague for nearly four years.

Dan is an incredible listener. As a trusted colleague, he has spent hours helping me brainstorm ideas and issues, plus countless more listening to and helping me through the twists and turns that life and work throw daily. I truly believe that I am a better person because of his friendship, patience and willingness to truly listen. Dan has an incredible skill of listening to a conversation, identifying the themes and helping others understand the multiple views/opinions that were presented. He has an innate ability to provide a summary of the conversation while maintaining the integrity of each person’s opinion.

As a young professional, I most relate to Dan’s desire for State College to be a place for responsible fun. I’m eager to see how his initiative and ideas allow young professionals to enjoy the potential that exists in State College: an Allen Street pedestrian mall and an increase in food trucks are two examples of responsible fun that will allow all to enjoy the vibrancy of our community.

Dan is patient, kind, caring, thoughtful and resilient. These qualities are woven through each of his decisions and actions as a leader, and are ones from which the borough and all of its residents would certainly benefit.

I hope you’ll join me in voting for Dan Murphy on May 16.

Katie Motycki, State College