Letters to the Editor

Marshall is the best candidate

On May 16, voters will have the opportunity to select a candidate to be the next Centre County judge. I urge you to vote for Brian Marshall, whose combination of diverse professional experience, commitment to fairness, and compassion for his clients make him the best candidate for the job.

Brian, a partner in Miller, Kistler & Campbell, has spent his career advocating for clients in civil and criminal law, guiding them based not only on the law, but on what is in their best interest. He is known for being straightforward, calm and patient, and dedicated to educating his clients so they have a full understanding of the legal issues surrounding their individual cases. Brian has pursued specialized training in collaborative law and third-party mediation — further evidence of his commitment to helping his clients reach reasonable conclusions for their legal matters.

If asked to describe the qualities one would like to see in a judge, many would say fair, compassionate, patient and honest. Brian Marshall not only exemplifies those traits, but also has the legal experience and leadership qualities one expects to see in a judge. He has held several board positions for the Centre County Bar Association and currently serves as president.

On May 16, vote for the candidate who has not only the experience, but also the temperament to serve as Centre County judge. I hope you will join me in supporting Brian Marshall for this very important position.

Larissa Sweitzer, State College