Letters to the Editor

Keep success, keep Parks Miller

My support goes 100 percent behind Stacy Parks Miller for DA. She cleaned up the DA’s office and has achieved terrific results.

I don’t want a soft or wimpy DA. Her opponent says she is too tough. I really wonder if anyone would say such a thing about a male DA. The only question I care about: Is she tough on the right things? She takes on drug dealers, rapists, child molesters and other violent criminals — and wins. Proven toughness on violent crime is what I want from a DA.

Her office also gives second chances to first-time, nonviolent offenders. This means no criminal record. No one could seriously accuse her of being blind to using wise discretion.

Her opponent, who has no experience as a prosecutor, actually said he will not make people plead to everything the police charge them with because felonies ruin lives. He was talking about defendants’ lives. DAs work for victims, not felons. I cringe at the thought of the chief law enforcement officer worrying more about felons’ lives than victims’ rights.

Stacy Parks Miller knows what to do to keep us safe. Her two decades of experience and strong commitment to fighting for victims, and our community, make her the only proven choice to keep us safe.

Christine Chavez, State College