Letters to the Editor

Black would be great mayor

As many of you know, Michael Black, a 25-year resident of State College borough, is running for mayor. I intend to vote for him, and will do so as a registered Republican by writing in his name on my ballot.

For the last five years, I’ve had the good fortune of having Michael, his wife Tonya and their son Lake as my neighbors. They are the kind of people I call “doers” and “relationship builders.” I’ve witnessed their “family culture” of putting 150 percent effort into any project they undertake and their mutual support of one another as well as of others. They are warm-hearted, genuine people, who reach out to others with ease and good humor. Anyone would be happy to have a neighbor like Michael; he’s been able and willing to help whenever I’ve asked his assistance.

I believe Michael has not only the people and communication skills, but also the creative and professional skills to be a great mayor. He’s a high-energy self-starter who can “think outside the box” to come up with new solutions for solving problems. Having established, built and run a successful small business for many years in the borough, he’s used to leading and problem solving.

Michael’s commitment to his fellow residents is evident through his history of involvement in community activities like Little League coaching and serving on the executive board of Leadership Centre County.

I encourage all borough residents, regardless of party affiliation, to vote for Michael.

Sally Baker, State College