Letters to the Editor

Big pay, little return

There is conservative belief that anyone receiving government money should earn it by performing a service or doing a job. No work, no pay. Should Congressman Glenn Thompson be held to the same criteria?

Since January, what have he and the House majority Republicans done? More than 100 days of big talk and bigger promises with little result. Even with the repeal/replace of the health care act, it doesn’t change anything because the Senate has its own ideas, and are determined to gut and change it to their liking.

Where is a jobs bill? Where is the bridge, road and inter-structural improvements? Tax reform? Again, nothing happening. Build the wall, but with U.S. dollars, not Mexico’s.

Is Pennsylvania great again? Is the 5th Congressional District great again? Rep. Thompson is paid $174,000 per year. Has he earned this pay? Big pay, little return.

Joe Cieslak Sr., Branchville