Letters to the Editor

Vote Marshall, McClain

I’m writing to endorse two remarkable judicial candidates — Casey McClain and Brian Marshall — and to clarify voter options.

McClain is running for magisterial district judge, serving all of Ferguson, Patton and Halfmoon townships, plus parts of College Township, with an office on West College Avenue. District judges hear less serious criminal and civil cases, such as fisticuffs, traffic violations and contract disputes under $12,000. They also set bail, handle preliminary arraignments and issue search warrants.

Marshall is running for Court of Common Pleas Judge, serving all of Centre County, with an office in Bellefonte. These county judges handle all major criminal and civil cases, appeals from the district court and matters including children and families, such as custody and divorce.

Together, the Magisterial District Court and the Court of Common Pleas comprise the likely first contact any citizen — aggrieved or accused — will have with our judicial system, so we need to get this right. Luckily for Centre County, McClain and Marshall will appear on both the Democratic and Republican ballots and they are running for two separate offices, so all registered Democratic and Republican voters will be able to vote for both wherever both names appear on the ballot.

My votes go to Casey McClain for magisterial district judge and Brian Marshall for Court of Common Pleas judge. They have unrivaled experience, unimpeachable integrity and possess the intelligence, compassion and judicial temperament we deserve in our American judicial system.

Betsy Whitman,

Patton Township