Letters to the Editor

Bring dignity back to courthouse

“The prosecutor has more control over life, liberty and reputation than any other person in America.” Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson was right.

Until 2014, I believed in our justice system. Slowly, my trust fell apart and I understood the truth of Justice Jackson’s words.

I learned that in 2012, DA Stacy Parks Miller texted Judge Lunsford during a trial “bitching to him” about how he handled objections, according to a court employee. “An outright lie” according to Parks Miller’s attorney. Judge Lunsford later suddenly dropped out of his retention campaign and resigned.

In February 2015, DA Parks Miller brought legal action against the Bellefonte Police Department. There was “retaliation” and a “conspiracy,” Parks Miller argued. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court denied her petition.

In August 2015, Parks Miller sued Centre County, a judge, a former employee and nine others. The 12 were involved in a politically motivated conspiracy to “destroy her reputation.”

A federal judge found her case “vitriolic” and to be “311 rambling paragraphs … that the reader can barely discern who said what about Parks Miller.

And on and on it goes.

Centre County needs a district attorney who brings dignity back to the courthouse. Vote Bernie Cantorna.

Mary Muirhead, Baltimore