Letters to the Editor

Hahn needed to avert crisis

In these uncertain times, we need to rely on the best available evidence.

Strong evidence is found when scientists from many disciplines reach the same conclusions, and when multiple scientists confirm evidence of some processes or trends or physical phenomena independently.

No scientist pushes these confirmed experimental results as being the ultimate final truth, yet they are the best we are likely to get, and they are invaluable in determining the right course of action. If these findings aid in prediction, it goes to prove their validity. They are important in establishing facts on how things work.

The recent marches for affirmation of science as valuable shouldn’t be necessary if one looks at the contributions of scientists over the generations, but these are sad times, when lies are promoted as truth. The science on climate is strong, yet those with vested interests and those with dominating conservative group dynamics continue to persist with lies and omissions, endangering us all. They push this conservative ideology rather than tested truth at all levels, so they must be countered at all levels.

One component of the climate solution is an economic-driven method for selecting greener technologies — carbon fee and dividend. Don Hahn, who is running for mayor, has demonstrated with me and others, and has participated in discussions about climate and the dividend system. No other mayoral candidates have shown that degree of understanding and commitment. We need him and others at all levels of governance and in the judiciary to avert a crisis.

Doug Keith, State College