Letters to the Editor

Why Michael Black?

Borough residents have the opportunity to vote for an accomplished person with a very realistic and yet fresh perspective as mayor.

Michael Black has been busy for more than 25 years in State College improving the quality of life. First, like many of us, as a student, then falling in love and creating a family. Michael and Tonya, an admired teacher in the district, committed to making our community their home. Michael started a business, refurbished three family homes in College Heights and took substantial risks by investing to improve four commercial properties on a neglected area of East Beaver Avenue, including his own imaginative studio building. Michael understands firsthand the personal commitment and challenges of local zoning and code regulations for home remodeling and commercial redevelopment.

Michael has made great friends, including my husband Mike Desmond. People know him as a personable, hardworking creative who “walks the walk.” Michael’s commitments are all-in. And in this transient town, he is a welcoming person, a strong supporter and coach to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Michael is prepared to commit his talents, experience and vision to lead State College. Michael, his family and his peers represent the generation of bright spirit and quality that this community has committed to attract and retain. My family and friends love Michael. And this is why we will vote Michael Black, an accomplished neighbor with a fresh perspective, to serve as our new mayor.

Julie Desmond, State College