Letters to the Editor

Dauler has clear advantage

I am writing to recommend Catherine Dauler for the office of mayor of State College.

Of all the candidates for this office, Dauler is by far the most qualified.

As a resident of the borough for 35 years, she has served faithfully as a member of the borough council for 14 years, including two years as council president.

She has served as past president of College Heights Association. As a former member of the Coalition of State College Neighborhood Associations, she has responded to the efforts of residents who advocate for the preservation of our neighborhood schools and the historic fabric of our community.

As council representative to the board of the Downtown Improvement District, she has gained valuable insights into the efforts of talented business leaders to enhance our downtown. She believes that a vibrant downtown is an asset to the community.

Her commitment to shaping a promising future for State College includes wise strategic decisions shared in partnership with Penn State and local businesses. She will continue advocacy efforts with our representatives in Harrisburg to find additional revenue-enhancing alternatives to local government.

Dauler realizes the importance of the need to protect the quality of life that we value in State College.

As mayor, in these challenging times, Dauler will do her utmost to promote unity, transparency, equity and inclusion in all aspects of our civic life.

As a future mayor, Catherine Dauler has clearly the advantage in experience, knowledge and dedication.

Support her on May 16.

Eugene Shaw-Colyer,

State College