Letters to the Editor

Vote ‘no’ to Parks Miller

I have been an attorney in Centre County for 23 years. During that time, I have practiced criminal defense law with district attorneys Ray Gricar, Michael Madeira and Stacy Parks Miller.

I have worked with hundreds of police officers. For the Fraternal Order of Police to not endorse a sitting DA and to endorse her opponent is notable. We are very fortunate in Centre County to have capable, dedicated and incredibly hard-working cops, and I am so grateful for their service, protecting the community in which I live with my family. If many of them don’t want the woman who is supposed to be their boss to keep her job, then I certainly don’t either.

Parks Miller talks a good game, but she cannot explain away her high staff turnover, her statement that she is a 23-year prosecutor (she was a defense attorney and divorce attorney for years), and other claims.

She has cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars filing vindictive and baseless lawsuits, which have been unsuccessful. This is not who I want to be our chief law enforcement officer. Please vote “no” to Stacy Parks Miller and yes to Bernie Cantorna.

Stephanie L. Cooper,