Letters to the Editor

Cantorna right for district attorney

Since my graduation from college with a degree in political science — and as a teacher of social sciences for 50-plus years — I have been interested in government on various levels.

With the local election approaching, I feel that we, as a voting population, need to focus on a few basics. According to the Centre County Bar Association, the district attorney “represents the interests of the commonwealth, the county and crime victims in presenting the case against the accused. These cases are prosecuted in the Centre County Court of Common Pleas.”

To quote the current DA, one must have principles, uprightness and a conception of fundamental truth. I would also add that one must be freed from the bondage of pride and self-centeredness and be empowered to attend unreservedly to the needs of others, before one can become a professional public servant. One must also have a personal rigorous and moral conscience.

In this season of new beginning and based on the fact that Bernard Cantorna is a graduate of the top law university of the nation, and is currently associated with one of the best law firms in Centre County, I would like to concur with the State College mayor’s endorsement.

I recommend Cantorna for the office of district attorney based on his educational background, his experience as a practicing attorney, his experience as an educator and his professional competence and integrity.

Suzanne M. Bruce,

Ferguson Township