Letters to the Editor

Health bill is ‘heinous’

The recent House vote on the revised health care bill was a heinous bit of unvetted legislation that would have taken as many as 24 million Americans off insurance and left Americans with a wide range of pre-existing medical conditions in a whole new state of precarity.

This did not stop Rep. Glenn Thompson from voting for the bill, which, as the CDT reported on May 4, had some observers estimating that between 40,000 and 50,000 residents of Thompson’s own congressional district would lose health insurance coverage.

The moral implications of stripping health care from the most vulnerable among us are repugnant. Like clean water, air and food, health care is an essential ingredient for human life and activity in modern societies. For the sake of all of us, unfettered access to health care is a social and economic good that cannot be a privilege enjoyed by just the wealthy few.

Kai A. Schafft, Millheim