Letters to the Editor

Veterans deserve to be honored

Who really fought in the Vietnam War? This is the question that future generations will ask when they take the time and go see the Miles Township Veterans Monument. The monument does show every other war and conflict but Vietnam. Instead, it wrongfully classifies everyone as Vietnam-era veterans. There’s a vast difference between the two. A Vietnam veteran actually was there and most likely saw combat and was in harm’s way the whole time. The Vietnam-era veteran could have served anywhere in the world, except Vietnam, during the time of the Vietnam War.

After four different attempts to correct the veterans monument, one would think that they would take the time and do it correctly. There is no valid argument by anyone saying the correct information is not available: It is! All you have to do is take the time to find it. Miles Township owes these Vietnam veterans the decency of at least giving them credit for their sacrifice.

The people who have been in charge of the monument and who are currently in charge should be ashamed of themselves. Your veterans deserve to be honored for their service, especially for time served in a war zone. They should not have their service be grouped with others that never even were in harm’s way. This is just common decency!

Jim Hironimus,

White Hall, Md.