Letters to the Editor

Required reading?

President Barron should make the grand jury report required reading for students in medical fields: nursing, kinesiology, biobehavioral health, etc. (pending permission from the family of Tim Piazza).

Findings leading to this request (names deleted):

Line 184: (10:47 p.m.): left side of abdomen, a bruise has visibly bloomed

Lines 197-198: D saw Timothy lying on the couch (11:15 p.m.); he recalled he looked horrible. He observed a bruise on his chest and his eyes were shut. He recalled Tim thrashing and making weird movements. When the brothers informed D that Timothy fell down the stairs, D became even more concerned — now for Timothy’s life. He stressed to them that Timothy needed to go to the hospital since he could have a concussion...He screamed at them to get help...When D’s attempts with the surrounding brothers failed, he sought out someone else, elaborating that he felt something was really wrong. This person claimed that the other brothers were kinesiology and biology majors so D’s word meant nothing to him compared with theirs. Meanwhile, D possessed life experiences in the realm of head injuries (gained from a head wound sustained in similar circumstances fall semester) and being a witness to alcohol poisoning.

Line 228: (10 a.m.) arms clenched tight at his side and his hands in the air

Additional signs, symptoms and findings create a remarkable teaching tool for students feeling invincible.

May no (future) act of ours bring shame, this hurts.

Beckie Romig,

Pennsylvania Furnace