Letters to the Editor

Balance needed

We are experiencing the Stanford Prison Experiment on a national scale. That experiment showed how some people, not ready leadership or empowerment, can easily become cruel and despotic. Evidence of this is that President Donald Trump brings out the worst in his supporters.

Trump’s words, actions, appointments and policies are ill-conceived, short-sighted and vile. The essence of “American,” at home and abroad, is not embodied in Donald Trump; it is something different, nearly the complete opposite.

Trump is hell-bent on either destroying America or usurping total control of our nation, thereby mooting our democracy and our freedoms. Crushed by the popular vote, he ascended to what he views a throne by a quirk that provides substantially more power to rural populations.

Trump is emotionally animalistic. He possesses little knowledge and continuously stumbles and embarrasses when he oversteps his command of facts. He has myriad connections to Russia; there should be none. He cannot form charismatic expressions and bellows and ridicules instead. His reading from a teleprompter is absolutely irritating. He is a bully, not a negotiator, as attested by his first 100 days.

He wants to give money to the rich, who paid for such concession, money that will not provide benefit to our economy or beneficial social programs.

Trump followers have been warned, they persist and will suffer most from Trump’s presidency.

We are nearly a dictatorship and need to establish a balance in 2018 — if we still have the opportunity.

Walt Beatty, State College