Letters to the Editor

Answers to Penn State’s problems

I am in receipt of a canned, platitudinous email from my alma mater, Penn State, regarding the recent death of a fraternity member involving one of the frat houses.

I attended PSU in the early ’90s when it was common knowledge that the fraternities were homes to repeated rapes, binge drinking and a form of hysteria about football that was unsurpassed.

I remained in touch with my many friends there over the years, learning again and again that little has changed.

PSU simply cannot wipe off rape, drunken frats and football madness.

There are easier answers to these problems than my official PSU note offers.

1. Abolish the reactionary Greek system.

2. Abolish football as we know it. NFL superstar Junior Seau gave his life to prove that point, but my recent alumni magazine was back praising football and all the hysterics that go with it.

Richard Gibson, San Diego, Calif.