Letters to the Editor

‘No Labels’ group a glimmer of hope

Residents of State College usually hear what is wrong with Washington these days. Between the partisanship and the constant bickering, it is easier to tune out than tune in.

A new caucus in the House, called the Problem Solvers Caucus, was created to fight the divisiveness that plagues our political system and encourages fixing, not fighting. Roughly 20 Democrats and 20 Republicans are coming together to get some actual work done. While most leaders in Washington are looking for an excuse to say “no,” these members are fighting to say “yes.” Despite a political system that is putting party above country, these 40 members are working to get a bipartisan agreement on a tax and infrastructure deal.

On March 1-2, nearly 1,000 individuals who want to see leaders start fixing problems instead of fighting came together to discuss bipartisanship at the No Labels Problem Solver Conference in D.C. Citizens from all over the country, including more than 60 people from Pennsylvania, listened to the members of the caucus talk about what they want to see happen in Washington.

It won’t be easy for the Problem Solvers Caucus to break through the dysfunction in D.C., but it is a start and should give the people of State College and central Pennsylvania hope that our representatives are looking for actual solutions. I commend them for their leadership and hope they continue to put people over party. To learn more about “No Labels,” see www.nolabels.org.

Dennis P. Scanlon, State College