Letters to the Editor

Penn State looking the other way

Many residents of the State College area over the past two years have been fighting the Toll Brothers development plan that jeopardizes our water.

We heard recently that we have lost our case in the Commonwealth Court. As we ponder over the next step in our fight, the role of Penn State, the elephant in the room, is all too obvious. Penn State has ignored our pleas to not sell the land to Toll Brothers. They say that they are simply the sellers of the land and nothing more.

Penn State needs to realize that their habit of trying to look the other way when there is an obvious problem does them no favors. The Sandusky scandal, followed by the tragic death of our dear student, Tim Piazza, are great examples. Penn State did not do enough to stop Jerry Sandusky and has long chosen to ignore the alcohol problem in frats and among underage students.

By looking the other way and trying to slip a land sale that potentially undermines our water, Penn State is risking another major tragedy. The community has fought for two years and spent tens of thousands of dollars in this lawsuit. If our water does end up contaminated, Penn State’s culpability will be all too visible.

Penn State officials, it is time to confront the problem that faces you instead of looking the other way. Looking sideways too long will give you a pain in your neck.

Smita Bharti, State College