Letters to the Editor


Michael Black, former mayoral candidate for the State College borough on the Democratic ticket, has recently said he will run as a Republican after clinching enough write-in votes to qualify.

This sort of opportunism speaks volumes. As a Republican president threatens many of the values of this community, having passed unconstitutional executive orders that targeted minorities and rolled back protections for the climate and several groups of people, to align oneself with him solely because he lost is dishonorable.

Ironically, however, he does resemble a lot of Trump. Both of them are slick talkers who promise a lot but can’t seem to come up with substantive plans of how to execute them. Black himself ran on a platform including a pedestrian mall and a community garden, but it doesn’t appear he knew what job he was actually running for. The mayor of State College solely has a veto vote: That’s it.

Both of them had no experience in the public sector before running. In fact, Black has rarely been seen in the Borough Council chambers questioning whether he knows about issues currently ongoing. We’ve seen the repercussions of electing somebody who is learning on the job; we don’t need another.

Finally, I hope for residents to look into his businesses. The few times he has gone into the borough chambers, it’s been about his businesses and saying that his personal financial benefits are good for the community. I could imagine Trump saying exactly the same.

Remember to vote Nov. 7.

Anthony J. Zarzycki, State College