Letters to the Editor

Hold officials accountable, vote

You saw the headlines. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has determined that 23 million Americans will lose their health care if the “new and improved” (slightly less cruel) version of Trumpcare ever becomes law.

Premiums will skyrocket. Medicaid and Medicare will be severely damaged. Older citizens and those with pre-existing conditions will pay through the nose. No wonder Rep. Glenn Thompson and the rest of the congressional Republicans were in such a big hurry to pass this scheme before the CBO report could come out.

It would seem that none of this makes any sense. Why are we still even having this conversation after receiving confirmation of just how much harm this Republican health care plan will cause? Sadly, the answer is that today’s Republican Party, as exemplified by Reps. Thompson, Bill Shuster and Sen. Pat Toomey, remains single-mindedly determined to continue delivering huge tax windfalls to their wealthy benefactors at the expense of working class, middle class, average Americans.

Please call Thompson, Shuster and Toomey and tell them to abandon Trumpcare once and for all. Obamacare is working for millions of Americans and could work even better if Republicans would start viewing health care as a basic necessity for all citizens instead of a privilege that only the most fortunate amongst us are entitled to. Also, tell them that you plan to hold them accountable and then be sure to vote. The 2018 election is coming. Hopefully, so is a change of persons who are supposed to be representing our interests.

George Polycranos, Port Matilda