Letters to the Editor

‘All In’ or ‘All Out’?

My sense of the plan between Penn State and the Toll Brothers developers to build luxury student housing along Whitehall Road hardly represents the desires of the local community.

Despite the recent rhetoric of “All In,” implying inclusion for all, this plan benefits two clear parties (Penn State’s purse and Toll Brothers) while denying the ruling of Judge Grine that the entire premise of the proposal was illegal (and hence vacated in his court).

As this project potentially jeopardizes our water, likely doesn’t address a real housing shortage (as many new student complexes have been built in the intervening decade since this plan’s conception), flies in the face of Penn State’s strategic vision (“Ensuring a Sustainable Future” and “Stewarding Our Planet’s Resources.”) and ignores the many voices of Centre County residents, it seems to me that Penn State’s motto might more appropriately be “All Out.”

Virginia Belser, State College