Letters to the Editor

‘Nothing less than thievery’

On Jan. 18, a letter was sent to me indicating that I had 45 days to respond if I wanted to keep my stock (bought by me with my hard-earned money and kept in hard copy in my safety deposit box at my bank) or the state of Pennsylvania would seize it.

Since I was away and out of town from Jan. 3 to April 28, on a world cruise, I was unable to respond.

Under HB 278, Printer o. 3930, approved as Act 126 of 2014, this law was enacted to help balance the Pennsylvania budget. Folks, I pay my taxes in full and on time. The government does not have the right to pass laws that are designed to defraud a Pennsylvania citizen from his or her hard-earned money, least of all when my stock is in hard copy in my safety deposit box. How dare they convert it surreptitiously to computer stock and appropriate it without my consent? I want my stock back. The Pennsylvania Treasury said they sold it in on April 20, (at a low price of course). How dare they sell what does not belong to them? How dare they sell what is part of my retirement and future security?

All I say, is return to me 1,000 shares of the same stock at the soonest. This is wrong, immoral and nothing less than thievery.

Maria A. Sweet,

State College