Letters to the Editor

‘Cowardly behavior’

The Memorial Day ceremonies honoring American patriots who gave their lives in defense of our nation forced me to consider the stark contrast of the fallen’s sacrifices to the cowardly behavior of today’s congressional representatives.

Americans who choose to serve the military know they can be called into war at a moment’s notice. They willingly do this despite the ultimate risk it entails; indeed, our nation expects them to.

How galling it is to see Glenn Thompson and Bill Shuster repeatedly vote against Trump having to produce his tax returns, which he promised to deliver during the campaign, only to default on his word now that he is in office. Does it make sense to have such high expectations of our military, many of them still teenagers, and such low expectations of congressmen who have vowed to defend our constitution?

Servicemen are expected to put their lives on the line, but men like Thompson and Shuster don’t even have the guts to vote in favor of defending our national security and demonstrate political independence from their Republican masters and corporate sponsors. If they believe they are serving our nation’s democracy by doing so, they should be willing to provide us with a full explanation at town hall meetings.

Now is the time for Republican-minded voters to join Democrats and independents, as Americans, to demand Thompson and Shuster do the patriotic thing and choose the interest of our democratic institutions over the crass self-interest of our “Liar-in-Chief”.

Chuck Yackeren, Boalsburg