Letters to the Editor

Look abroad in hope, affiliation

On Mondays at the foot of the mall, some of us stand against bigotry and ignorance and for a generous, inclusive community.

To include means to open the heart — face to face, one person at a time. If we all practice that consistently, at the end, the whole world will be united in joy.

This will seem naive and stupidly utopian until in faith we stop the surface noise and recall that in the foundation of the world is great divine love.

This complicated my usual liberal partisanship for it insists that stepping back from the sirens of the moment we pray for the president and do our part to make his administration a success for everybody.

That said first, nonetheless the president instinctively thinks America is in decline and blames this on demonized outsiders — immigrants, Muslims, foreign countries.

Now this is just not so, this decline. Just look at the bright optimism and hope of all the young people graduating now.

And all of us were immigrants once. All of us were at first attacked, rose above it and made a contribution to the country. This will be so of the current immigrants and Muslims as well.

The president instinctively looks inward to a “Fortress America,” apart from the international community.

Better counsel is to look abroad in hope and affiliation. When we cross the public square the ground beneath our feet is common ground with everyone on the planet. This is the shining hope of a united world.

John Harris, State College