Letters to the Editor

Chance to show integrity

As student, alumna, employee, retiree and neighbor, I’ve believed Penn State to have a strong commitment to integrity and excellence in all arenas.

For me, as for so many others, that belief has been shaken, first by learning that university administrators buried child endangerment behaviors, and most recently by Penn State’s response to Tim Piazza’s death.

The Greek Life Task Force, commissioned in March 2015, never issued a report despite members’ requests for one. Appointment of a task force acknowledges awareness of a problem; why was the group’s work buried? And are we foolish enough to believe that the actions enumerated at Friday’s trustees’ meeting will be sufficient to change Greek behavior?

Now we are facing a third opportunity for Penn State to do the right thing. Selling a Ferguson Township property for a project with high potential for damaging our water supply would be irresponsible. Yet the university’s spokesperson has said (CDT, 5/4) that the university is not involved in the environmental concerns, a disillusioning and disappointing position, especially for a land grant institution.

Penn State has an opportunity to act honorably, putting public welfare and the environment ahead of financial gain. If the university has any integrity, it will refuse to sell its property to Toll Brothers.

Donna S. Queeney, State College