Letters to the Editor

Penn State should renegotiate sale

Penn State has said that it is committed to protecting our natural resources as stated in the Strategic Plan (2016-20) — Ensuring A Sustainable Future. Part of the plan is to address climate change, which includes providing safe and abundant water.

It is therefore concerning that Penn State has agreed to sell 44 acres of agricultural land to an out-of-state developer with numerous infractions of the Clean Water Act in 23 states, resulting in this corporation being fined for negligence by the EPA.

The stated plan is to build a complex of luxurious housing for students off of Whitehall Road. However, this area is on an important and environmentally fragile watershed and wellhead protection area of the nearby Thomas-Harter wells that provide up to two-thirds of the daily drinking water for Penn State students and residents of the State College area.

We strongly urge Penn State to renegotiate this sale and find an alternative site for student housing. For a leading land grant university, this agreement to sell this important land is not in line with who you are. Please act responsibly and not harm the environment and threaten State College’s water supply.

Edward and Justine Dionne, Boalsburg