Letters to the Editor

Group honors local veterans

“The Mission of the Quilts of Valor Foundation is to cover veterans and service members touched by war with comforting and healing Quilts of Valor.”

The Happy Valley Quilts of Valor group is dedicated to this mission. To date, 43 local veterans have been awarded handmade quilts, and more will be recognized at Central PA Fourth Fest and Grange Fair.

The article in the CDT Good Life section on May 28 generated a lot of interest in Quilts of Valor. We have been asked many times how a veteran is chosen to receive a quilt. Nominations can be made through the Quilts of Valor Foundation website www.qovf, under the “Request a Quilt” menu. If the veteran lives in central Pennsylvania, our group will be forwarded the request. If the veteran lives in another location, a different QOVF group or individual will be asked to fill the request. Quilts are handmade so it may take some time before the quilt is ready for presentation.

Our group of 65 quilters welcomes new quilters to join with us in honoring local veterans. We meet the second Monday of each month to cut and assemble quilts. For those who wish to help with our mission, but are not quilters, we gladly accept monetary donations and donations of high quality quilting fabrics (usually red, white and blue and patriotic prints). For more information about Quilts of Valor, please contact me, Carolyn Foust, group leader, at foustcountry@verizon.net.

Carolyn Foust, Centre Hall