Letters to the Editor

Supremacists — Really?

The term “supremacist” connotes superiority. For some unimaginable reason, supremacists feel superior to blacks, immigrants and Jews, and refer to “our country” as if they are rightful heirs to the United States of America while providing absolutely no defensible reasoning to support their claim/sense of superiority.

Supremacists, not immigrants, are “takers.” They want the government, which they hate, to jettison “others” from “their” country to retain room for themselves. They hope conservative Republicans will do their bidding, the very politicians who don’t intend to give anything to anybody — except the rich.

Supremacists feel vulnerable and threatened by changes to their economic condition that is mostly the fault of greedy companies and irresponsible politicians — mostly conservatives. They should admit their own complicity for their station in life and prepare for their future rather than band together to blame everyone else for their plight. Instead they take the easy way out and sustain their bigotry and ignorance, falsely hoping that safety in numbers will prove fruitful for them. Instead of buying guns, brandishing weapons and fanaticizing about an Aryan nation, these supremacists should become better citizens and admit they live in a nation that provides a great deal for them.

Our nation needs educated, caring, thoughtful, hardworking citizens, even if they originate in other countries. Supremacists should learn from, prepare as well and work as hard as the immigrants they want banned from “our nation.”

Walter Beatty, State College