Letters to the Editor

History of checks and balances

When James Madison first met Alexander Hamilton in 1787 they met back in Philadelphia to debate the failed Articles of Confederation and replace it with the new United States Constitution.

But they hatched their ideas together and had written “The Federalist.”

But the Federalist was a list of ideas filled with historic political ideas in a way that was never conceived by the Articles of Confederation.

But of all of this there were 85 ideas published with Hamilton getting 51, Madison 29 and John Jay 5.

But it was those 85 ideas that got state ratification beginning with Delaware, which was the first state to ratify the United States Constitution.

However the state ratification of the constitution lasted three years but took 12 states to make it the law of the land,

However both the debates and yes The Federalist invented the checks and balances of our government in where the president is the master of ideas and where the house of Representatives checks on the President’s powers.

Even the Senate checks on the treaties signed by the president in where he or she lays their plan by the Senate’s door.

But the Senate has the final say on the appointees of the president not only to cabinet positions but also on appointees as ambassadors to certain countries.

They even have the final say on a certain court nominee to any court position not just federal courts but court of appeals as well as the Supreme Court.

John Huerta, Warren, Ark.