Letters to the Editor

Interesting timing

An invitation arrived in the mail the other day from Sen. Jake Corman and Rep. Kerry Benninghoff. Thank you so much, but I must decline your kind invitation to attend a “concealed carry seminar” on Nov. 2. Ironically, it arrived the day of the Las Vegas mass murder. I noticed that there was no mention of guns or rifles or high-powered rifles on the postcard; only euphemisms related to concealed carry laws and an invitation to join them for “this educational event.” Last year, after yet another massacre on American soil, Gabrielle Giffords lamented the cowardice of those in power, writing that “an embrace of the shameful status quo we’ve grown to expect from a Congress in the gun lobby’s grip” (Including Rep. Glenn Thompson) was pure cowardice. Way to go, Republicans! Is there nothing you won’t do for money?

Gina Leon, State College

Editor’s note: The concealed carry seminar has been postponed.