Letters to the Editor

Questioning Thompson’s values

Rep. Glenn Thompson recently voted to further restrict access to abortion, which I guess makes him believe he is pro-life. But I question whether Thompson truly values life. After all, he voted for a bill that would have made health insurance unaffordable for millions and stripped out essentials like prenatal care, a service that’s vital for a healthy birth. He voted to eliminate environmental protections that prevent mining companies from dumping toxic waste in our streams and methane into our air, when developing fetuses and children are most vulnerable to such pollution. Most recently, he co-sponsored two bills (SHARE Act and Concealed Carry Reciprocity) to eliminate restrictions on gun silencers and override state public safety laws. (Imagine how many more people would have died if the Las Vegas shooter had silencers on his guns.) If Thompson were truly pro-life, he would sponsor legislation to ban “bump stocks” that turn guns into automatic weapons and abandon support for the SHARE Act and Concealed Carry Reciprocity. And then he would start thinking of solutions to increase access to health care (including contraception, which is the best way to prevent abortion), rather than trying to take it away.

Melissa Poulsen, State College