Letters to the Editor

Vote Madrid for mayor

I’m writing to endorse Ron Madrid for mayor of State College.

My reasons include how enthusiastically and often that Ron has stepped up to the plate to try and make State College a better place to live. I mean, the guy actually enjoys doing what many of us might dread! This includes leadership in local efforts including: my neighborhood president for the past 12 years; past chair and co-chair of the Planning Commission; chair of the Historical Resources Commission; current chair of the Real Estate Advisory Commission, and in a larger effort, helping us all — as a United States Marine.

On a more personal level, I’ve known Ron for almost 20 years. He is a Latino like I am a Sicilian — we enjoy our heritage and are Americans — first and always!

We, in the borough, would benefit greatly from Ron’s background. We need someone with his experience to run council meetings in a fair and efficient manner while representing the borough appropriately. You can find even more about him on his website — http://madridformayor.org.

Please join me in voting for Ron Madrid as an independent for mayor on Nov. 7!

Mary C. (“K.K.”) Marino, State College