Letters to the Editor

President doesn’t get it

It is unfortunate that President Donald Trump finds it hard to call the families of military personnel lost in combat. It is sad for him that he has to write letters to those families who will never see their family members again.

The reality is he does not get it. He cannot get it. He never served, he never sacrificed. He never offered his life for something greater than himself. He never put the needs of others ahead of his own.

Mr. President, this is the most solemn act you must do as the Commander in Chief. This is not a choice for you this is your duty. To imply that previous presidents did not take on this solemn act is simply ignorance at the most base level. It again reinforces how little you know about our country, service, and sacrifice. You do simply do not get it.

So as we move closer toward Thanksgiving and other holidays in the coming months, Mr. President, keep in mind that at many tables will be an empty chair or seat. The people at those gatherings get it, they are connected to loss and sacrifice at a level you, Mr. President, can never understand. I wonder if you were to visit restaurants many around our military bases, would you understand “The Missing Man” empty chair and table?

Mr. President, you wanted this job, now do it, no matter how inconvenient or hard it may be for you.

Andy Merritt, Port Matilda