Letters to the Editor

Deadly consequences

It appears that incompetence of the Trump administration resulted in the death of American soldiers in Niger and the resurgence of the Islamic State in Africa. The administration chose to force each Muslim country to submit passports to verify that they were relatively resistant to counterfeiting. Chad has been unable to obtain new examples of the paper they use for passports, tried to submit an older passport, but were rejected. This may have been part of why they were put on the do not fly to the United States list, but there is no excuse, Chad fights IS in Africa!

Notably absent from the list was Saudi Arabia, the major source of people behind the 911 attacks and the major exporter of Wahhabi Islam, the jumping-off board for radicalization into terrorism. When Chad found itself on the list, it removed itself from fighting IS in Niger and other areas in protest. Chad had perhaps the most effective fighting force in the region, and all of the major forces from Europe and America use Chad as a base of operations because of this. This left the region relatively undefended, but the U.S. did not seem to grasp this, putting people in harm’s way, from what had been a relatively safe area. Trump has been reluctant to admit this, so as he usually does he tried redirection as a diversionary tactic. All from a man who claimed to have invented the word “fake.” This man needs to be removed from office.

Doug Keith, State College