Letters to the Editor

Not content with status quo

As the student representative, I was active on the State College Borough Council. My takeaway from that experience was that majorities of council and our vocal citizens want to talk, but not listen. They have their vision of what they want our town to be and will not settle for anything that does not align with that vision. I proudly support Michael Black for mayor because he is the first candidate I’ve seen in our town who is actually interested in listening.

Most of my interactions with Borough Council and staff were very similar. The students would present an idea, only to hear, “We tried that 15 years ago,” or “We can’t do that right now, but maybe in the future.” These excuses are exactly what I don’t hear from Michael. I express my concerns to him and he always has the same reaction: “Let’s figure out how to make this happen as soon as possible in a way that’s best for everyone.”

Michael recognizes that inclusivity is a major issue facing our town. In a time when dialogue between students and residents seems to be near its worst and only 5 percent of our town are selecting our leaders, there are plenty of good people whose voices are left out of the conversation, despite having some incredible ideas. It seems many of our current elected officials are content with this status quo, but I know that Michael is not. That’s why Michael Black has my vote for mayor.

Morgon Goranson, State College