Letters to the Editor

Madrid, the clear choice for mayor

In the current political climate, my inclination was to make a statement by voting along party lines in the upcoming election. However, after researching the candidate’s backgrounds, attending presentations, reading statements, and meeting the candidates, I cannot.

Ron Madrid clearly stands out among the candidates for State College mayor. Although it seems all the candidates have some attributes that might qualify them, only Madrid has the demonstrated dedication and skills to effectively lead borough council and speak for our town: www.madridformayor.org/ about_ron.

Ron does his homework; he has prepared for the job with pertinent experience. He comes to issues well informed, and with a realistic vision. He is an articulate speaker, as well as a respectful and open listener. He displays an even temperament, the qualities of integrity and honesty, and the characteristics of drive, evenhandedness and follow-through that are required of a successful mayor.

I hope you will join me in considering this candidate, above party, and vote for Madrid, the independent candidate for mayor of State College.

Laura S. Brown, State College