Letters to the Editor

Marshall, the type of lawyer we need

I have been an attorney for 22 years and have known and worked with Brian Marshall for more than 13 years. I interact with other attorneys and our judges on a daily basis, and can say without a doubt that Brian is the best choice for Centre County judge.

A judge needs to understand the law and how to apply that law. He or she needs to be fair, yet compassionate. Patient, yet understanding of the need for the courtroom to run efficiently. Brian Marshall is that person.

Marshall’s opponent, Ron McGlaughlin, has been highlighting his jury trial experience, but the fact of the matter is that as a judge, the same law applies, regardless of whether you are overseeing a jury trial, a bench trial, or any other courtroom matter. Our judges spend a significant amount of their time on family law cases. Brian has established an excellent reputation in family law matters and will make an excellent judge.

He is trained in collaborative law and third-party mediation, and is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and a former CPA. These additional qualifications demonstrate Brian’s commitment to not only his own professional development, but also to finding the most fair and equitable solutions for his clients.

Brian is the type of lawyer and type of person we need on the bench. Vote Brian Marshall for Centre County Judge on Nov. 7.

Julia Rater, State College