Letters to the Editor

Disappointed in Black’s column

Thank you for running three informative columns by our mayoral candidates. The columns along with recent debates have shown two candidates with an exemplary grasp of the issues. It was disappointing to see Mr. Michael Black’s distortion of statistics and shots at his opponents.

First, Mr. Black writes that our population has “exploded 400 percent in the past 100 years.” While the borough has changed in many ways since I first visited my grandparents here as a child, a 100-year timeline for growth is irrelevant. I’d venture to say that the growth rate of buses and cars in the borough is much higher over the past century as an example.

Second, Mr. Black writes that he’s the only candidate with demonstrated bipartisan votes. In the Democratic primary, Mr. Black received 779 votes to Mr. Don Hahn’s 949. In the Republican primary, Mr. Black received 137 votes after all variations of his name were counted while Mr. Hahn received 80.

Mr. Black is not the only candidate with demonstrated bipartisan support, he trailed by 113 votes.

Finally, Mr. Black takes a swipe at his opponents by writing “the delta between who we are and our potential is not small, as another candidate suggests.” If he wants to be in the mayor’s office, he’ll need more bravery than that.

It was striking to see that both Mr. Ron Madrid and Mr. Hahn wrote about what they’re for in their columns, and hopefully a sign of a good tenure.

Peter Chamberlain, State College