Letters to the Editor

McGlaughlin works for greater cause

I have known Ron McGlaughlin during my entire 19 years of practicing law in Centre County. When I was an assistant district attorney, in particular, I handled many cases in which Ron represented the accused. He worked hard for his clients, and I found him to be an effective advocate, invariable well-prepared, honest, fair and even-tempered.

For as long as I can remember, Ron has done court-appointed work for people who cannot afford to hire a private attorney. The appointment contract pays very little, and the work often requires long hours and considerable patience. Knowing that Ron has quite a robust private practice, I’ve heard lawyers ask him more than once: “Why do you keep doing conflict work?” He shrugs his shoulders and says, “It keeps my courtroom skills sharp.”

Having watched many times the dedication and genuine human concern with which Ron represents his court-appointed clients, it’s apparent that his reasons are much deeper. You see, Ron McGlaughlin believes in equal justice under the law. He feels that good lawyering skills such as his own should be available to financially disadvantaged people in dire legal straits who cannot afford to pay expensive attorneys’ fees. That is why he does all that court-appointed work, and that is why we need him as a judge.

Sean P. McGraw, State College