Letters to the Editor

Madrid working to improve fiscal policy

Living in the borough is expensive. Heavily funded by real estate and earned income tax dollars, whether you lease or own, our quality of life is affected by the quality and quantity of services provided by our local government. As the population, tourism and large events increase, demands on public services and infrastructure increase as well. Tax increases raise rents and student loan debt, stress working households and hurt our retired residents. Visitors contribute little to our municipal coffers, but they consume many services our tax dollars provide. Annually, borough residents face the choice of increased taxes or decreased services, and neither choice is healthy for the future of the borough or its residents.

I am voting for Ron Madrid for mayor, because he has taken the lead on advancing local self-determination, which would allow the borough more autonomy in its ability to raise the revenue it needs to keep pace with increasing demands. Ron has been networking with multiple university municipalities and advocating with legislators on his own time, as a citizen, and has progressed the initiative further than decades of discussion by elected officials has been able to do. As mayor, he can do even more.

Fiscal policy isn’t flashy but it is the lifeblood of a municipality and it affects every borough resident daily. I am voting for the candidate who is already working to improve our fiscal situation, Ron Madrid.

Susan Venegoni, State College