Letters to the Editor

McGlaughlin will bring back integrity

Centre County residents know all too well that our courthouse has endured eight very long tumultuous years. Centre County has had a black eye when it comes to our DA’s office and our judges. Our most important race this Nov. 7 is to elect the right county judge who understands fair justice and integrity needed in a position which serves the people of this county. No one will do a better job for county judge than Ron McGlaughlin. He has extensive criminal and civil experience that pales his challenger’s experience. We don’t need a CPA. We desperately need a judge who knows the criminal law side inside and out. We need someone who also has the wisdom and compassion to see the best interests of families. We need someone who wants our county’s courts to be held to a high standard again and is willing to lead the way.

As a retired cop who worked with attorney Ron McGlaughlin, I can tell you he certainly knows how to conduct himself ethically and with total decorum in the courtroom. Ron McGlaughlin will be able to make good fair decisions for our residents when it counts. If you watch the Q&A from the League of Women Voters Night on Oct. 12 on www.cnet1.org, you will see the clear difference in our choices. Please get out and make this very important vote for the future of our county on Nov. 7. Please vote for Ron McGlaughlin and return desperately needed integrity to our courthouse.

Kris A. Hopkins, Port Matilda