Letters to the Editor

Beyond politics

I am so tired of politics in the news, on TV, at our courthouse; where does it end? I just want someone to be dedicated to the position and wants to do a good job for the right reason. I don’t want another courthouse attorney who just wants to be a judge for the title so they can move up to the next level.

I want someone who cares about us, the people who have to use the local court to resolve whatever problems we run into. I want someone who has lots of experience, compassion and the desire to truly do the job right. That person is Dave White. Dave has been dealing with real problems, disputes and settling disagreements for more than 30 years as a police officer. He’s someone who can make sound decisions and uses common sense. Dave truly cares about us and our community. I believe he will perform the duties of a magistrate the way we want to be treated. That is what our vote should be about, not politics. Let’s make the right choice. Dave White for our local magistrate.

Tenille D. Housel, Port Matilda