Letters to the Editor

Vote a lifetime resident for mayor

As a lifetime resident of State College, there is something to be said for a mayor that is also a lifetime resident. Remember how well Bill Welch represented our community? Don Hahn knows what State College is and will represent what State College means.

I’ve always been proud to say I was from State College. State College is wonderful because of the students, they bring vibrancy into our town and keep us young. Don has a proven record working with students, they were included in Borough Council when he was president of council. His plans are to have students serving on all of the borough commissions.

Don and I both graduated from State High. We really got to know each other when I was a College Township supervisor. The joint COG committee Don and I were working on showed me how hard he worked bringing us to agreement on a common goal. Don is successful because he is easy to work with and he brings people, of all ages with many different ideas, together. He has worked to develop our way of life not only in our borough but the Centre Region.

Don Hahn understands the three Rs: respect, rights and responsibilities. Don Hahn has no hidden agenda.

Dave Koll, College Township